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Two Minute Drill: Conference Season


It’s a new week and a new location for this week’s TMD. This past weekend Dr. Jay was at an entrepreneurial chiropractic event and shares his experiences and how you can get the most out of similar events.


Getting the most out of conferences

In this week’s video, Dr. Jay reflects on three things he experienced while at an entrepreneurial chiropractic event this past weekend.

    1. Open up your peer network and spend time with colleagues. This allows you to share ideas, challenges, and frustrations, and get ways to make your practice and your life better. Connecting with others is really important as human beings.
    2. Listen to new ideas. These ideas may or may not conflict with some of your beliefs. It is not a bad thing to open up your mind and hear what others are saying.
    3. Research what you hear. Is what you hear real? Are people telling the truth? Are they giving you new facts/new ideas/new concepts? Take what you need from those things that you learn (from the speaker, connecting with your peers, and researching those ideas) and apply them to your life in the best way possible.

In summary, expand your peer group and connect with some colleagues this week, listen to/read about new ideas that may conflict with your existing ideas, and research what you are learning, and apply what you need to to make your life and your practice better.

We want to hear what you are doing. Share with us on our Facebook page all how you are planning to connect with colleagues this summer.


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