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Two Minute Drill: Turn Your Brain Off


Where in the world is Dr. Jay this week? Watch this week’s TMD to see where he spent the weekend and his message on giving your brain a break so you can get into the highest state of flow.


Go do something for yourself

The last couple of weeks we have talked about stepping out of your comfort zone and the importance of messaging over and over the same thing so people hear it in a different context. This week is something different, it’s not really about business or personal development. It’s about making sure you take some time out to take care of yourself.

As entrepreneurs we are working our butts off, working days/nights/weekends. We never stop working. We can get a little bit burnout or stale sometimes. The business and personal development literature have both shown it is really important to take time off. You have to stop working, shut your computer, and go do something for yourself. Try hanging out at a new place or visit a favorite old place, hang out with family/friends/kids/pets, whatever brings you joy. It is important you take some time out and refresh so when you get back to your business you can be in the highest state of flow because you’ve given your brain a break

This week’s challenge: find some time and give your brain a break. Go have some fun. Go out. Enjoy life. That’s why we work so hard so we can have the freedom to enjoy our lives

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