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Two Minute Drill: Over, and Over, and Over Again


This week’s Two Minute Drill is inspired by a LinkedIn post/video Dr. Jay saw this week by his good friend and world-class branding expert Kait LeDonne. Kait helped Dr. Jay’s clinics with their rebranding journey and transformed them into their current name, Kaizo. Kaizo is the Japanese word for rebuild or reconstruct. In the gaming world, it is known as a hack or pushing the limits of human potential, which really tied to the company’s DNA.

In this recent LinkedIn post, Kait talks about the importance of repetition in messaging. Listen to this week’s TMD to hear Dr. Jay speak about how to specifically tie this concept of repeating messages to your communication with your staff.


Repeat yourself at least 7 times

In the video Dr. Jay watched, Kait spoke about the importance of repetition in messaging. People need to hear a message at least seven times for it to sink in. They also need different contexts around the messaging so they actually get it.

Why is this important for you as a practice owner or a leader?

Let’s think about our teams. We have to repeat things many times to our teams in order to drive results. In Dr. Jay’s messaging to his teams he is constantly repeating himself over, and over, and over again. The context may be different but the overall message to achieve a certain goal is exactly the same.

Many times new leaders will ask, “Why do I need to say the same thing over and over to my employees?”. It’s because they are human! We need to hear things over and over again. We also need to hear them in a different context to make a greater understanding of how we use that information and apply it in a variety of different ways.

This week’s message to you, as leaders and business owners:

    • Don’t get frustrated when you are repeating messaging.
    • Find new ways to communicate the same important message over and over again.
    • Personalize them so people understand the why, what, and the how and what you are expecting to achieve from the message.

Share with us on our Facebook page what you feel you are constantly repeating to your staff and how you are going to change the context this week.


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