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Two Minute Drill: Crazy Hair


You have to watch this video to see what Dr. Jay is up to this week. You may be confused when you first see him but keep watching.


Stepping out of your comfort zone

This week Dr. Jay is stepping out of his comfort zone with the goal of helping him grow. He’s not talking about growing his hair, but growing as a human. Abraham Maslow, a famous humanistic psychologist, said “what one can be, one must be”. In order to be what you can be, you have to take chances. You have to experiment in order to learn and grow. Ask yourself,

      • What are you doing to experiment?
      • What are you doing to learn and grow?
      • What are you doing to be your very best self?

Think about these questions and share with us on our social channels what you are going to do this week to step out of your comfort zone to learn, grow, and be your best self.


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