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Two Minute Drill: Leadership Style of Moses


This week is Passover, which has Dr. Jay is talking all about the leadership style of Moses. According to rabbinical experts, there are three important character traits that Moses had as a great leader. Watch this week’s Two Minute Drill to hear what those characteristics are and see where Dr. Jay is bringing you this week’s TMD from.


Being a great leader


According to rabbinical experts who studied the Book of Exodus and evaluated Moses’ leadership style, there are three important character traits he had as a great leader:

    • An amazing sense of justice – he carried out that sense of justice regardless of consequences
    • He put the needs of his people before his own needs, creating admiration and respect.
    • Always remained positive, even when having to undergo unbelievably hard circumstances

As a leader in your practice, remember these three things: justice, putting the needs of others before your own, and remaining positive no matter the circumstances. Take this information and apply it in your practices and your life, and your life will be that much better.


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