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Two Minute Drill: Mindset Mastery


This week’s Two Minute Drill, Dr. Jay and his special guest are talking about Mindset Mastery. This is a small preview of what he will be diving deeper into later today at our FREE Leadership Masterclass. Dr. Jay is excited to share with you what he has learned about stoicism, personal development neuroscience, and the science of adaptability. After you watch this week’s TMD, make sure you sign up and tune in at 1:30p for our masterclass.


Your Mindset Matters

If there was a time to learn about adaptability it is now.  The world and healthcare are changing at a rapid rate. Understanding how to make better decisions as business owners and clinicians is something Dr. Jay is passionate about learning and also sharing. Today he will be talking about his mindset and his experiences, your mindset and your experiences, and how to create a more sustainable and happier existence.

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