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Two Minute Drill: Creating Remarkable Experiences


This week’s Two Minute Drill, Dr. Jay Greenstein is coming to you again from the Four Seasons in Scottsdale, AZ. Some of you may know he is particular about certain things like food, tables at restaurants, and hotel rooms. Listen to this week’s TMD to hear about his recent service experience while staying at the Four Seasons. It is a great example of service excellence by creating a remarkable experience.


Anticipating Expectations

During Dr. Jay’s recent stay in Scottsdale, AZ he had a series of needs from the hotel. This included switching rooms so that he could have a room with a balcony. The hotel staff didn’t just give his a new room but also took care of moving all of his belongings for him as he was at a conference all day. Additionally, he needed to get to Walgreens to get contact solution so they arranged a car for him to get there. They didn’t just give him any car though, they gave him Mercedes Coup convertible.

What is the lesson from his experience? In order to create remarkable experiences, you have to know who your customers are and understand what their wants and desires are, anticipate those wants and desires, and deliver on that value over and over again. Doing so, you will create raving fan, loyal patients.

After his experience last weekend, Dr. Jay will definitely be staying at the Four Seasons in the future based on the impeccable service they provided. Deliver Four Seasons customer service excellence and you will have a huge following of raving fan patients.

This week’s challenge – talk with your team about how to create a five-star service amazement experience in your practice.



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