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Two Minute Drill: Discipline To Win The Game


Leading up to the big game this weekend both coaches talked about one similar thing, discipline. They have disciplined people, who have disciplined thought, who take disciplined action. Make sure you watch this week’s Two Minute Drill to hear how the game of football relates to discipline in your practice. Sorry in advance for the audio, you’ll understand when you watch the video!


Creating A Championship Organization


We all want to do what we like to do, but those who do the things that they HAVE to do and have discipline to get them done, are the ones that get to the next level.


    • Discipline – Disciplined people do things they don’t always want to do but have to do in order to get to the big game.
    • Resilience – Championship organizations are also resilient and keep doing their very best.
    • Teamwork – It may be cliché but there is no “I” in team. Synergy, with a committed mission to get to a common goal is critical for success.

Think about your practice and your team, think about disciplined people with disciplined thought who take disciplined action, be resilient, and make sure team is synergistic working together in achieving the common goals of the practice.



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