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I talked to 15 to 20 people each month that all seem to ask just a few common questions. In talking to chiropractors, physical therapists, and CrossFit owners, they all wonder where exactly they could start to really push a personal training program.

Everyone sees the benefit. A one on one approach is highly successful for each client or patient. PT is relatively easy to manage (whether you or a contracted trainer is doing the sessions). Selling personal training can boost cash revenue significantly.

Still, many of my conversations start with a baffled look and shrugged shoulders when we talk about how to start.So, here are three action points you can do to begin your PT program leading to 5k of revenue in month one.

1. Form your simple packages and get the word out that you are there to help. People already know and trust you. They need your help in their treatment or are already using your service in some fashion. One of the easiest ways to continue to help serve them is to offer them an opportunity for one on one additional help. Focus on a specific goal, skill, or problem. This does not take away from your existing service, it only adds to it.

Here’s an example.
Kat-a patient at a chiropractor’s office has been seeing the doctor for seven weeks for pain in her hip. She is seeing improvement with the manual therapy treatments and the exercises given to her both in the office and at home. (She is moderately on top of those). She wants to do more exercise, but is nervous about re-injuring herself. She receives emails, sees fliers in The clinic and learns from both the doctor and the staff that she can take advantage of a six week core strengthening concentration program. She learns that in addition to the exercises she has already learned, she will work with her trainer at a more appropriate intensity level with proper progressions focusing on her entire core cylinder. (Hamstrings, glutes, lats). This is not covered under insurance, but there are payment plans and for just six sessions she would see drastic improvement due to the one on one nature of the sessions.

Here are some package examples…

  • One session individual program plans
    • Package examples – 6 session goal specific programs
  • 12 week transformation program that combines with your existing service (1-2 sessions/week)

2. Talk it up. Speak to everyone. Ask them what they feel they need to work on. Remember, they trust you and already have chosen your help. Your emails, flyers, and most importantly-your conversations are simply an opportunity to offer more ways you can help. Simply letting them know about the new programs you’re offering to expand treatment options, or further develop their success to a given goal should only be appreciated since you are already there trusted provider. Turn those casual conversations into a booked brainstorming session. During that session, the main goal is to lead them down the path of the specific program that might give them the best help

3. Targeted email marketing. Here’s where you need to do to get to eventually build a base on which you can eventually rely. My family will often times go to Ruby Tuesday’s. And one of the main reasons why, it’s because we get three coupons each month. We might only see eight or $10, but that’s enough for us to decide to head over there Friday night after horseback riding lessons for my daughter. With personal training, everyone knows it’s fairly expensive. offer you got three special as a significant reduction. Offer 10 sessions at 40% off. Say they have six weeks to complete those sessions with the effort of getting as much result as possible strength and and that loss during that time. If they sign up by a certain date, throw in a free meal plan that best fits with these types of strength training sessions. It’s a fun and exciting time to introduce new personal training programs. Everyone wants a personal trainer – it often times is not in everyone’s budget. However, when you are simply looking to start to build a trusted network, taking 40% off the cost and all of a sudden opens you up to that many more people on your list.

How does the revenue add up?

Conservative guesses on possible sales:

  • 5 people on your 40% special offer.
    • If the normal training rate is 100$/session and you take 40% from that, you would still end up making $600 (assuming they purchase the 10 session package). That is  $3000k total revenue for 5 people.
  • 5 people on your program plan @ $100 per plan, which equals $ 500 total.
  • 3 people on 6 week goal-specific plans- $600 each, which equals $1800 total.

That is $5300 total revenue from those three sources!

If any of the above article speaks to you in someway, reach out to Brian to book a free brainstorming conversation. The idea here is to simply get two professionals together to talk about prioritizing what might be most important in developing a better personal training program.

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