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Dr. Jay Greenstein is back for Part 3 of the Improving Patient Loyalty series!

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PART 3: Improving Employee Engagement

So if you remember Part 1, we talked about using the Net Promoter Score to really identify patient loyalty. There is a difference between patient satisfaction – people who are satisfied but may not return – and patient loyalty – those loyal patients who are your raving fans. You find out what your patient loyalty score is by utilizing the Net Promoter Score. (If you don’t remember what that is, go back and watch that video.)

Now we also know from science that engaged employees, highly engaged employees drive up loyalty scores. So if you don’t know what your employee engagement score is, then make sure that you do the Q12. (If you don’t remember what that is remember go back and watch that video.)

So what do you do with all this information? You’ve got your baseline patient loyalty score, you’ve got your baseline employee engagement score, how do you actually increase employee engagement?

The more engagement there is, the more loyal patients you’re gonna have, and the better culture you’re gonna have in your workplace.

So these are my tools, these are my tricks that I use literally every single day.

  1. MEET

    First and foremost, I meet with my direct reports every single week we do what’s called one-on-ones. When we have those meetings, it’s about meaningful conversation so if something doesn’t seem right or something doesn’t feel right I literally go there.

    Sometimes it’s hard to have a conversation about somebody’s enjoyment in their job but if you don’t talk about it you can never solve the problems for them.

    So have regular weekly meetings, do your one-on-ones, have an agenda:

    It’s checking in with them – how are they doing? How are they doing on their goals and what are their needs or issues that you can help them solve? And make sure that you go there! If you’re sensing something isn’t right have that conversation with them.

  2. K.O.D.E

    The next piece is what I call KODE. This is the code of success. This is about working with your team to make sure that each team member knows their role, that they own the requirements of that role, and then true leaders actually drive results through other through others in order to develop the highest level of execution.

    K: Know your role.

    O: Own the activities of your role.

    D. Drive results through others.

    E. Execute.

  3. GROW

    The last piece of the employee engagement model, is Grow. It’s about investing in your team to help them grow.

    Ongoing training is a regular part of what we do here at Kaizo Health, it’s an important part of any strong organization, it also helps to ensure that people feel like you care about them.

    Years ago in Maryland there was this requirement where we now had to certify our chiropractic assistants and there was all this uproar like, “oh my god if I pay for their training they’re just going to take the training they’re gonna leave!”

    The research completely refutes that. What the research actually shows is that the more you invest in your team the more likely they are to stay with you, to be loyal.

So it’s all about investing in your team and creating a great culture.

Meet, K.O.D.E, Grow.

That’s Part 3 of Patient Loyalty! The next piece and last piece, Part 4, is talking about how we create remarkable patient experiences. Thanks so much for reading!

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