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In this Masterclass, Dr. Jay Greenstein and Lucas Braga cover 3 important elements of content creation. They discuss how to implement the specific steps necessary for generating engaging content and nurturing your leads so your digital marketing efforts lead to maximum results.

We provide you with a Worksheet that offers details and tips for how to effectively implement strategic and consistent processes for your content creation and growing your practice.

Content Creation:

  • Content Planning

    • what

    • who

    • when

  • Content Creation

    • Setting

    • Subjects

    • Media

  • Content Delivery

    • Platform Nativity

    • Timing

    • Captions

  • Engagement and Lead Creation

    • Friction-less Content

    • Eager to Engage

    • Capturing Leads

  • Lead Management

    • Get Organized

    • Automation is King

    • 25/50/25 rule

  • Patient Acquisition

    • Remarkable Experiences

    • Adherence to Treatment Plan

    • Exponential Growth

Process Implementation

  • First Who, Then What

  • Job Description

  • Weekly “Stand Ups”

  • Weekly 1:1’s

  • Kaizenovate!

Download Worksheet

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