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Dr. Jay gives a masterclass on leading through a crisis, using the recent COVID-19 pandemic as a case study. In this masterclass you’ll learn about the importance of your “north star”, as well as the difference between “leadership” and “management”.

In the masterclass Dr. Jay covers the 7 P’s of the Leadership Through Crisis Playbook

Positive Mindset

With a crisis, we are often overwhelmed by external input. It is critical to ensure that you are prepared to respond to that input by compartmentalizing the negative emotions so that you can focus on solutions. Dr. Jay reviews the 5 primary drivers of decision making – beliefs, thoughts, feelings, actions, results. It’s also critical to build a growth mindset in order to be open to . Grit, also vital, is the intersection of passion and perseverance.


Taking care of your personal well-being in a time of crisis is essential for you to perform and lead those around you (think putting the air mask on yourself first before helping those around you) Check out these resources


Clear, consistent, honest communication is key. Have a plan in place to handle compensation, possible layoffs, and resources for your employees. Use question storming with your staff to creatively come up with solutions leveraging your collective brain power. Bring your employees into the ethical decisions you are being forced to make during the crisis.

  • Checkout this example policy and feel free to edit/tailor it to your unique needs


Make sure to be connecting with your patients empathetically (not just to get them rescheduled) Leverage telehealth platforms to help patients who cannot come into your place of business.

  • Telehealth: We have secured a free 30 day trial for you – use this link and code: Kaizen30 to get set-up.

  • Online Exercises: We have secured a 30-day free trial for you of the WebEx platform – use this link and code: KaizenFree30 to sign up.

  • Text Messaging services (Zingit, Sked, Reviewwave)

  • Kanvas App – be there for your patient at their fingertips with you own customized mobile app


Make sure to stay connected with all of your referral sources (call, email, fax). Followup on relevant patients, and offer any telehealth or online classes you have.


If you find yourself in need of a small business loan, check both federal and local options.


EXECUTE. EXECUTE. EXECUTE. There are many great ideas presented in this masterclass, but without execution and action, they will sure you NO purpose. Make sure that you are create a plan and then implementing the plan to see the necessary benefits and change.

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