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Hey my name is Dr. Patrick and I’m the clinic director here at Kaizo Health. We’re really happy to announce that we are going to partner with Performance Health this year to put on three seminars. These seminars are going to be used for any chiropractor looking to add active care and rehabilitation in an evidence-based way into their practice. It’s going to consist of three weekends and these weekends can be used to be put towards your rehab diplomate so 36 hours in total, you’re going to learn a lot of great stuff and it’s really going to improve your patient care.

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3 Weekends. 36 Credit Hours toward DACRB requirements.


October 26-27, 2019
December 7-8, 2019
January 11-12, 2020


Kaizo Health
827E Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852


$279 for 1 weekend
$747 for all 3 weekends

MCA/UVCA Members:
$249 for 1 weekend
$687 for all 3 weekends


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