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Hey everybody, this is Dr. Jay Greenstein! I wanted to share a little bit about how technology has helped us grow our practice. You know I talk a lot about technology – I just got back from the Florida Chiropractic Association National Convention where we had a whole tech track – but today we’re going to hone down on three really important areas where tech has helped us grow our business and our impact.

3 Ways to Grow Your Practice Through Technology

  1. The first is clinical. We use a variety of technologies in our practice, but one that’s been really really impactful is Kinetisense. It’s a 3d marker-less system that not only allows us to evaluate patients but it provides them with a score.

Patients want to know where they are in care, so we evaluate them in the beginning, they get a score. We treat them, we reevaluate them, they get another score. We continue to treat them, we discharge them, and they get a final score.

Patients really see the impact of the clinical care that we deliver. It’s remarkable technology. They get to see themselves on screen with these 3d wireless markers upon their bodies, and they can really understand how their movement has actually improved.

2. The second technology that has been super impactful for us is our customer relationship management software (CRMs) – how we manage the information related to our referrals. Every single practice needs to know where their new patients are coming from. Many times it comes from internal referrals but you might have one or two or five or ten patients who just love you and are raving fans.

You should know how many patients those folks are referring to you. Physicians, attorneys, gyms and other local organizations that might be referring you patients – you want to know that data.

We use Salesforce as our CRM. There are many out there, there might even be some free packages out there that can help you aggregate, organize, and understand where your new patients are coming from. And then you target marketing and sales strategies towards those specific referral accounts.

3. The last way that we’re using technology to grow our practice, our impact and our brand is through digital marketing. Now I’ve been fortunate enough to take some some great classes from Matthew Loop – he’s a great guy, check out his stuff – and he’s basically mentored us in the digital marketing space.

My internal team has done a phenomenal job of taking that information and growing it exponentially, growing our impact through digital marketing – Facebook, Instagram, email marketing, SEO on our website and our blogs, video – all really really important to grow your brand and, of course, new patients that you acquire through the digital marketing web space.

So there you have it – three ways to grow your practice through technology. Clinical tools like Kinetisense, CRM tools like Salesforce, and really important digital marketing strategies through social media, email marketing campaigns, and SEO.

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