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Last post, we talked about the importance of patient loyalty and the difference between loyalty and patient satisfaction.

Patient satisfaction is fool’s gold, what you want is patient loyalty.

You measure patient loyalty through the Net Promoter Score. [If you didn’t get a chance to see the previous video, click here!]

So how do we improve our Net Promoter Score?

It is a three step process. Gallup and Press Ganey, the largest Hospital-based patient satisfaction organizations in the world, both surveyed millions of patients and here’s what they found:

The #1 predictor to improve patient satisfaction and loyalty is how well the staff worked together as a team.

What drives a great employee team? Employee engagement.

How do you measure employee engagement? Something called the Q12.

The Q 12 was developed also by Gallup to identify the level of engagement of your team. So use the Q 12 as a way to measure your employees engagement level.

Go to Google, download the Q12. Put it into SurveyMonkey. Ask your team for an anonymous but honest responses to the Q12 survey.

Once you’ve got all the responses aggregated, then you’re gonna follow the next steps coming soon in the next post.

Improving patient loyalty is a journey, and it’s a fun one! So make sure that you take the steps poll your patients with the Net Promoter Score, poll your employees with the Q12, and you will be poised to improve both employee engagement and patient loyalty over time.

Up Next: How to increase your Q12 scores

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